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Screen Design

Like fashion, web design has its trends. Nowadays these are for example "flat design", bright and colorful colors, gradients and large pictures. Especially for small business pages or special product promotion pages, one-page websites have been developed for some time – that is, all information on a page, accessible through navigation or by scrolling with the mouse.

More than just a trend is responsive web design (the website adapts to the screen size and is thus optimally displayed on all devices). It is even indispensable due to the many smartphone users. Because over 70% of Internet users surf on the go – whether with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Our screen designs (technical design and conceptual website design, which the developer implements) are always a combination of current web trends and customer wishes.


A modern and great design is no longer enough to have a well-attended and intuitive website. A well thought-out concept with the associated user-friendliness and good content are just as important – if not more important.

If you have difficulties with the conception of your new website, we will gladly take over this for you. We have years of experience in the web and know how to reduce your content to its essentials and to structure it logically. It is important to know what the website should do and which different personas (prototype for a group of users, with specific characteristics and a specific usage behavior) will visit the website. Who are my customers, what are you looking for on my website for information, what is important to me. All these and more questions are explored in the concept and integrated into the screen design.


As soon as the concept is ready, it's the design's turn. Now different ideas are presented. For example, for proposal 1, large images are used, for proposal 2, color gradients and icons are used, and for proposal 3, a combination of images, colors, and graphics is created. These first drafts are discussed with the customer. Any adjustments are made and shown to the customer again.

Screen Design

Now page by page is created with the selected design as the basis until the complete screen design is ready. After the customer has approved the design, the developers implement it congruently.

Software and tools

  • InVision Studio
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Experience Design