Websites & Content Management (CMS/DXP)

Manage and publish content easily and efficiently. Create personalized customer experiences.


The unique and award-winning Pimcore Experience Management Platform offers much more than traditional content management systems. In addition to the maintenance of your website content, sophisticated digital solutions can be implemented using the diverse publishing functions and modules.

Due to the holistic and flexible approach of Pimcore, we are able to implement solutions for you, which exactly meet your requirements. The complete administration interface can be configured down to the last detail, and thanks to a sophisticated system of roles and rights, each employee receives exactly the functions he or she needs to perform his or her tasks.


Thanks to the possibility of segmenting the aggregated data and information according to target group, the web solution can also be personalized exactly to the needs of your customers. So it is the combination of the different Pimcore modules that enables you to create customer experiences that not only meet but exceed your customers' expectations.

Target group segments can be based on the most diverse data sources. Use web analytics data, activity information, demographic, geographic data, external CRM or ERP data to personalize content according to your customers' preferences. The advanced behavior-based targeting features leave nothing to be desired.


Pimcore offers everything you expect from a modern Content Management System - and much more.


Despite the high level of technical possibilities, the interface remains intuitive and easy to use for administrators and authors. Content and media can be edited via modular templates using drag'n'drop.

Multi Channel Publishing

All content maintained in Pimcore can be delivered to all desired output channels. No matter if digital or printed. Create and maintain text and media content for the website, web shop, email newsletter or printed product catalogue - all in one place.

MULTI-SITE & MUlti-language

In Pimcore thousands of contents and unlimited web presences and applications in unlimited languages can be maintained and managed within one installation.


Modern concepts like the use of object modules make Pimcore flexible and scalable. Layout areas can be used modularly in any area of your website.

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SEO & Marketing Toolbox

In addition to personalization, you receive further helpful analysis, marketing & SEO functions to analyze performance and increase the success of your marketing measures.


With Pimcore mobile applications and responsive solutions can be implemented. With the integrated preview function you can evaluate the output of your layouts for different devices and screen sizes.

  • Top work and creative approaches to solutions have distinguished w-vision in the creation of the new website. Gladly again at any time!

  • From pitch to rollout in eight weeks: A global competition with results, live stream, video center, which not only involves complex workflows but also new types of sensitive content, was mapped by w-vision under high pressure on a new CYBATHLON online platform. Only an extremely great collaboration makes something like this possible.

  • Another successful project, which was implemented competently, efficiently and uncomplicatedly. The cooperation with w-vision is always pleasant and enriching. Keep up the good work!

  • The pleasant and good cooperation with w-vision was exemplary, as it should be in business life. The project was implemented competently, quickly and without complications. Many thanks!


As the leading "Digital Experience" platform, Pimcore offers further helpful modules that enable you to create successful, consistent and personalizable customer experiences.

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Product Information Management (PIM)

Capture and structure all your product and company data in one place. Integrate your existing IT system landscape seamlessly and easily or connect third-party software via an interface.

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Digital Asset Management Pimcore | © w-vision

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Verwalten und optimieren Sie all Ihre Medien inkl. Metadaten an einem Ort mit dem «Digital Asset Management»-Modul und sorgen Sie für einheitliche Kundenerlebnisse, indem Sie diese für jeden Ausgabekanal bereitstellen.

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eCommerce- & Web-Applikationen

Using the integrated eCommerce module, you can manage highly complex sales processes and offer the most diverse product portfolios and variants faster than your competitors on the market (time-to-market).

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