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The company Woche-Pass AG distributes the free newspaper of the same name, which appears weekly in over 49,000 households. With an exceptionally high readership rate of more than 2 readers per copy (approx. 100,000 readers / 90 % awareness level), the scoreboard has been very well established in the region of the Lucerne hinterland for over 33 years. The existing website and the associated ad posting tool had not been further developed in years. The site was not responsive and the advertising placement was on a status of 2005. During this time there have been new combinations, tariffs etc. which had to be patched into the existing solution.

New combinations and price models of the own publishing house and other price models of the combination partners could not be calculated one hundred percent correctly with the existing solution. There are also different conditions and price structures for advertisers as soon as a station wagon is put together. This resulted in a lot of feedback to the customer after the digital order was placed.

In addition, the whole website no longer corresponded to the current state of web technologies, let alone the whole responsive appearance.

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The implementation with the company's internal web department w-vision worked excellently

Adrian Hess, Management Woche-Pass AG


By means of an analysis two personas were defined (readers and advertisers). These are directed to various sub-pages on the start page and supplied with information. With a new responsive presence and a completely new and flexible ad calculation, Woche-Pass AG is well equipped for the coming years and can react flexibly to changes. In the reader area, an API from Yumpu was integrated. Yumpu is a flip catalogue that provides the weekly edition on the web and for iOS and Android. The weekly changing event calendar is maintained on the website and made available for print production via XML export. This export is imported into InDesign in a structured manner and output for printing without much further processing.


Customer portal

Thanks to the new customer portal, the online tasks could be increased by approx. 10%. Combination offers are also used more frequently due to the simple map display. Thanks to new functions (e.g. predefined number of characters per ad size and sample templates), customer queries could be minimized.